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Nutrisport Energy Cake with carbohydrates act as "fuel" during exercise, so they are essential in sports performance. However, the contribution of carbohydrates is as important before exercise as during, as it is necessary to deal with physical activity with glycogen stores and energy reserves to the maximum.

These hydrates that we ingest are stored in the body in the form of muscle and liver "glycogen", so that before an activity that involves a demand for energy the metabolism uses them to be able to carry it out. A rough way we can differentiate two types of carbohydrates:

Simple (monosaccharides and disaccharides):
Their chemical structure makes them a fast source of energy.

Complexes (oligosaccharides and polysaccharides):
Due to their chemical structure they are metabolized more slowly, which leads to a sequential energy supply.
ENERGY Cake is formulated based on a mixture of simple and complex carbohydrates, ideal to drink in the hours before physical activity.

In addition to its energy contribution (more than 300 Kcal per shot), its composition stands out for the contribution of:
Necessary in the processes of muscular recovery and to protect the musculature from physical wear.

One of the main electrolytes lost in sweat that is so important in the energy and cardiovascular metabolism.

It plays an important role in the activity of muscle cells and in nerve transmission.

Electrolyte involved in the processes of muscle contraction and relaxation, necessary for the prevention of cramps.
ENERGY Cake is an easy digestion energetic cake that gives you the nutrients you need to face a training and / or a competition.

How to use Nutrisport Energy Cake:
Take 1 hour before exercise

Presentation Nutrisport Energy Cake:
Pot of 560 gr

Nutritional information Nutrisport Energy Cake approx. for 80 gr:
Energy 321 Kcal / 1355 kJ
Proteins 6.9 gr
Carbohydrates 57 gr
of which Sugars 29 gr
Fat 7 gr
of which Saturated 2.5 gr
Fiber 1.8 gr
Sodium 488 mg
Potassium 488 mg (24% *)
Magnesium 96 mg (26% *)
*% CDR: Recommended Daily Amount
Reference: NU-4028

Quick Overview

“Energy Cake by Nutrisport is formulated based on a mixture of carbohydrates ideal to take in the hours before physical activity.”

Quick Overview

“Energy Cake by Nutrisport is formulated based on a mixture of carbohydrates ideal to take in the hours before physical activity.”
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