NutriSport FatBurners Shot (20 shots)

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NutriSport FatBurners Shot (20 shots)
NutriSport FatBurners Shot is a concentrate of L-Carnitine that, combined with aerobic exercise, stimulates the reduction of fatty tissue thanks to the conversion of fat into energy. To obtain a greater "fat burner" effect, it also contains L-Carnitine, Inositol Hill, which performs a synergistic effect with L-Carnitine and favors the mobilization of fat during exercise.

- Formulation NutriSport FatBurners Shot:
· L-Carnitine:
L-Carnitine is the most effective carrier of fatty acids to the mitochondria to convert excess fat into energy. L-Carnitine favors the transformation of fat into energy as it acts as a transporter of fatty acids to the mitochondria, where oxidation occurs.
This process is accentuated in the face of an energy demand, it is also advisable to always combine L-Carnitine with the practice of aerobic exercise to achieve better results. 100% of the L-Carnitine present in FatBurners is Carnipure, which guarantees maximum quality and efficiency. Likewise, L-Carnitine favors the conversion of fat stored in adipose tissue into energy, thus achieving greater muscle definition.

· Hill:
The Hill is an essential nutrient for the correct functioning of the cardiovascular and cerebral system. In addition, it prevents the storage of fats in the form of adipose tissue and favors the mobilization of these to turn them into energy. Its combination with Inositol contributes to the regulation of blood cholesterol.

· Inositol:
In Insositol it stimulates the metabolism of fats, mobilizing them and preventing their accumulation in the liver and adipose tissue. That is, it accelerates its combustion to produce energy. Combined with Choline regulates blood cholesterol levels.

- NutriSport Recommendation:
Take 1 THERMOSHOT at mid-morning and 1 FatBurners SHOT before exercise, which will increase caloric intake during the day and stimulate the reduction of adipose tissue.
Reference: NU-8019

Quick Overview

“With Nutrisport FatBurners Shot you eliminate fat with exercise thanks to the conversion of fat into energy.”

Quick Overview

“With Nutrisport FatBurners Shot you eliminate fat with exercise thanks to the conversion of fat into energy.”
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