NutriSport Fusion Flap Energy Bar Banana Flavour 62g (24 units)

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The NutriSport Fusion Flap energy bar is 100% made using the best natural ingredients such as oats, honey, dried fruits, etc. Oatmeal is a unique cereal that should be part of a daily diet because of its fantastic composition and highly nutritious properties. The Fusion Flap bar is a great source of energy due to its fast-acting, long-lasting carbohydrates, and it contains between 220 and 250 Kcal per serving. It's also a good source of fibre and unsaturated fats.

As a result, it makes an ideal complement for anybody, whether athlete or not, who's looking for a sustained source of energy for anytime and anywhere. It can be a good option at breakfast, as a mid-morning or afternoon snack, to replenish energy after exercise, before training to fill glycogen stores, or during long medium-intensity activities.

- Presentation: 24 units of 62 g
- Ingredients: Oats (30%), dried banana (dried banana, rice flour) (24%), cane honey, sugar, butter (milk, salt), honey, and dried apricots (apricots, rice flour) (5%).
- Allergens: Contains gluten and dairy products.
- How to use: Eat at any time to get an energy boost.
Reference: NU-1054

Quick Overview

Oatmeal is rich in carbohydrates to provide you with extra energy when you need it most.

Quick Overview

Oatmeal is rich in carbohydrates to provide you with extra energy when you need it most.
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