NutriSport Megaprotein strawberry flavor (1800gr) + NutriSport shaker as a gift

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NutriSport Mega Protein strawberry flavor has been developed thinking about the protein needs of all those athletes who perform workouts with significant muscle wasting. Keeping in mind that your daily needs can reach 1.5-2g / kg weight / day, it is very important to optimize the processes of assimilation and absorption of the protein ingested, both through supplements and through the common diet. Therefore, Mega Protein has been formulated based on whey protein concentrate (Whey Protein Concentrate) together with a combination of 5 ingredients with synergistic effect that stimulate protein synthesis and favor the absorption of amino acids and protein.

Way of Use: Take between 1 and 2 dosificadores after the training and another dosificador passed 90min of the first taking.

NutriSport cocktail shaker as a gift.

Ingredients of NutriSport Mega Protein:
· L-Leucine:
L-Leucine, besides being part of the group of Branched Amino Acids (BCAA) very abundant in muscle tissues, constitutes one of the essential pieces in the beginning of protein synthesis. Therefore, an additional contribution will stimulate the regeneration of muscle proteins after training.
· L-Arginine:
L-Arginine favors, as a precursor of nitric oxide (NO), the flow of nutrients (amino acids in this case) to the trained muscle area. In turn, it has also demonstrated its stimulating activity on insulin (enhances the uptake of glycogen and amino acids in the musculature) and participates in the processes of detoxification (urea cycle) of the organism.
· Proteolytic enzymes:
Combination of extracts of papaya and pineapple rich in proteolytic enzymes (bromelain and papain) that increases the capacity of digestion and protein absorption.
· Vitamin B6:
Vitamin essential in protein metabolism for the absorption of proteins and amino acids.
· Chrome:
Oligoelement that participates in the regulation of blood glucose, which will help prolong the activity of insulin and enhance the absorption of amino acids at the muscle level.
Reference: NU-3040

Quick Overview

NutriSport Megaprotein is a concentrated whey concentrate with a combination of 5 ingredients that offers a superior effect.

Quick Overview

NutriSport Megaprotein is a concentrated whey concentrate with a combination of 5 ingredients that offers a superior effect.
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