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NutriSport Stimul Red Energy Drink 300ml Exotic Flavour (1 unit)

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The NutriSport Stimul Red Energy 300 ml Drink has been formulated to provide a combination of energy and caffeine both immediately and with a sustained release. This drink provides an immediate energy boost along with a slow-releasing stimulating effect that allows you to exercise for longer and improves muscle response during physical activity.

- Fast-acting carbohydrates: They provide a quick release of energy into the bloodstream.
- L-Arginine: An amino acid which plays a role in the athlete's metabolism. It is converted into nitric oxide and boosts muscular oxygenation, improving the oxygen supply to muscles when exercising. In addition, it also aids detoxification processes and helps eliminate waste generated during exercise.
- Guarana extract: It's a natural source of caffeine that is released in a sustained way to stimulate the central nervous system, which delays the sensation of fatigue.
- Ginseng extract: A natural extract with energising properties which improves concentration and gives vitality.
- Taurine: An amino acid that's very abundant in muscle tissue and plays a role nerve transmission processes and improves the response of muscles to physical exercise.
- Vitamin C: A vitamin with high antioxidant and energetic power for an athlete's metabolism.

- Presentation: 1 unit de 300 ml
- Usage: During exercise.
Reference: NU-2045-1

Quick Overview

Perfect for facing your workouts with more energy and concentration.

Quick Overview

Perfect for facing your workouts with more energy and concentration.
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