NutriSport StimulRed Enershot (20 Shots)

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NutriSport StimulRed Enershot has been formulated to provide those nutrients needed to help you optimize performance during high-intensity exercise.

Known nutritional needs of athletes, the Technical Department of NutriSport has developed the right combination of ingredients that will improve the physical capacity of the triathlete acting on the delay of muscle fatigue, the prevention of cramps, the improvement of neuromuscular activity, optimization of energy metabolism and, therefore, the improvement of performance.

- Formulation of NutriSport StimulRed Enershot:
· Guarana:
It constitutes a contribution of natural caffeine of sustained release that allows, through the stimulation of the Central Nervous System, activate the metabolism of fats and delay fatigue.

· Taurine:
Abundant amino acid in muscle tissue that actively participates in the neuromuscular system optimizing the response to stimuli and enhancing muscle performance.

· L-Arginine:
Amino acid with an important activity in the performance of the athlete. It favors the muscular oxygenation as a precursor of nitric oxide, improving in this way the oxygen supply to the muscles involved in the activity. In addition, it participates in detoxification processes and contributes to eliminate waste generated during exercise.

· Magnesium:
Essential element in the mechanisms of muscular contraction and relaxation and in the prevention of cramps during the practice of exercises that involve a high loss of electrolytes.

· Ginseng:
Natural extract with invigorating activity that improves the ability to concentrate and provides vitality.

· Group B vitamins complex:
They improve the efficiency of the athlete's energy metabolism and favor the assimilation of the nutrients that ENERSHOT provides.

ENERSHOT completes its formula with other ingredients such as Choline Citrate and D-glucuronolactone that act synergistically with the rest.

In addition, its formulation is notable for the absence of sugars allowing an energy-stimulating contribution without the need to alter the blood glucose values ??of the athlete, something that is of great importance for those who care for their nutrition during exercise in order to achieve the best result both in training and in competition.
Reference: NU-5014

Quick Overview

“The perfect energy ally to boost your performance!”

Quick Overview

“The perfect energy ally to boost your performance!”
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