NutriSport Thermoshot (20 cans)

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NutriSport Thermoshot is a new concept of "thermogenic" in the form of "Shot", formulated based on plant extracts that have a synergistic effect to increase thermogenesis (increase in body T °) and generate a greater calorie burn during the day.

Its practical format allows you to take it at any time and in any place, whatever the physical activity of the day because it is not essential to combine it with exercise for its effectiveness.

- Formulation of NutriSport Thermoshot:
· Guarana:
It is a contribution of natural caffeine of sustained release that allows, through the stimulation of the Central Nervous System, to activate the metabolism of fats.
Along with the caffeine present, it increases thermogenesis and calorie burn.

· N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine:
Amino acid with activity on the Central Nervous System (precursor of neurotransmitters), in addition to its activity on the thyroid (activating the metabolism).

· Citrus Aurantium:
Bitter orange extract with a stimulating effect due to its synephrine content, which has a synergy with caffeine, increasing the thermogenic effect of the product.

· Cola nut:
Walnut extract with stimulating activity thanks to its contribution of natural caffeine.

· White willow:
The bark of White Willow (Salix Alba) is rich in salicin that gives rise to salicylic acid once absorbed by the body. It has analgesic, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory properties, in addition to having demonstrated to enhance the thermogenic effect in combination with stimulating extracts.

· Horse tail:
Extract with diuretic effect.

· Vitamin B6:
Essential vitamin in the body's energy metabolism.

· Chrome:
Regulates blood glucose by avoiding the feeling of appetite.

- NutriSport Recommendation:
Take 1 Thermoshot mid-morning and 1 FatBurners Shot before exercise, which will increase the caloric intake during the day and stimulate the reduction of adipose tissue.
Reference: NU-8018

Quick Overview

NutriSport Thermoshot burns calories at any time due to your increase in body temperature.

Quick Overview

NutriSport Thermoshot burns calories at any time due to your increase in body temperature.
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