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Orca Fina Openwater Long Sleeve Wetsuit Black

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The Orca Fina Openwater long sleeve wetsuit is the first Orca wetsuit with FINA certification (Fédération Internationale de Natation). This wetsuit has been designed for technical swimmers looking for flexibility, neutral buoyancy and thermal insulation for open water racing.

- This wetsuit is the first to be FINA approved, which means that it has passed the exhaustive tests that FINA carries out before approving these products. Therefore it can be used in official FINA open water competitions
- Yamamoto 40 is incorporated in shoulders and back along with Infinityskin lining. This material is able to stretch 130%, more than double its original size, providing maximum performance in the stroke
- In the large ranges of movement that occur in the shoulders, it offers 72% less resistance than a conventional neoprene
-Yamamoto 39 technology is incorporated in the trunk to ensure sufficient thermal insulation for competitions
- Its 3 mm thickness together with the infinityskin lining ensure that the protection is 77% greater than not wearing neoprene

- Yamamoto
The Yamamoto Corporation is the world's main supplier of high performance neoprene. Their seal represents quality, technology and innovation.

- 40 Cell
Yamamoto's 40 Cell neoprene is second to none in flexibility, fit and comfort. The panels help deliver the highest level of wetsuit swimming experience.

- Infinity Skin
Orca's exclusive Infinity Skin inner lining plays an important role in the incredible flexibility of high end wetsuits. Designed based on high-elasticity nylon, Infinity Skin Bamboo is strategically placed where more flexibility is required, allowing the suit to move dynamically with every stroke.

*This item cannot be returned for size changes, unless faulty.
Reference: OC-LN2F1001-C

Quick Overview

This wetsuit will provide you with all the functionality, buoyancy and safety you need throughout your competitions.

Quick Overview

This wetsuit will provide you with all the functionality, buoyancy and safety you need throughout your competitions.
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