Ortovox Pack Avalanche Rescue Kit Zoom + with Arva, Probe and Shovel

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The Ortovox Avalanche Rescue Kit Zoom + pack includes the Zoom + Arva, the Badger paddle and the Alu 240 probe. In addition, it also has a safety guide book that explains how everything works on the ground. The Arve Ortovox Zoom + has the technology Smart-Antenna-Technology, a system that changes its primary search to the best antenna to get the best possible transmission and, thus, be easily found. The Badger shovel has a great performance in any type of snow. The Alu 240 probe is designed for those winter sports enthusiasts who suffer for every extra gram they carry on weighing only 235 grams.

Characteristics of the Arva:
- 3 antennas with Smart-Antenna-Technology
- Maximum bandwidth: 40 meters
- Comfortable cover and bow for the hand
- Upgradeable
- Control with microprocessor
- Automatic change in case of second avalanche
- Intuitive acoustics
- Permanent monitoring of the transmitter
- Marking function
- Blacklight
- Reflect Recco
- Partner verification
- Batteries: 1.5A alkaline 1.5 V
- Transmission capacity: 250 h
- Size: 116 x 79 x 23 mm
- Weight: 200 g

Characteristics of the Badger blade:
- Hybrid grip
- Anti-slip slots
- High side walls and pronounced central ridge for maximum stiffness
- Handle designed for quick assembly
- Material: AL5052 anodized and AL6061 T6

Characteristics of the Alu 240 probe:
- Depth markers
- Adjusting screw for optimal assembly
- Visual guidance system
- Long tip
- Aramid tension system
- Once folded is small
- Assembly system with quick lock
- Material AL 7075 T6

- Smart-Antenna-Technology
This system analyzes the position of the antennas during the avalanche and automatically activates the antenna with the best transmission. The result is to double the transmission range in the most complicated position whatever the Arva used in the search.

- Recco
Technology developed in the late 70's and improved over the years. It is a rescue system in case of avalanche that allows locating the victims thanks to a radar. It consists of two parts: the detector radar that the rescue groups possess; and on the other hand, passive reflectors that do not emit a signal and are incorporated in some anoraks, pants, helmets and even boots. The reflector consists of a small electronic transponder of just four grams in weight with a thin copper antenna and a diode that bounces off the detector signal and doubles the frequency. It is covered with a protective outer rubber sheet that gives it its known elongated shape of a tablet. It is practically indestructible. The reflector does not emit a signal and therefore does not require a power source.
Reference: OVX-29753-999

Quick Overview

A complete Ortovox pack for those who are starting.

Quick Overview

A complete Ortovox pack for those who are starting.
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