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Outdoor refers to sporting activities and practises that take place outdoors, generally in natural environments such as mountains, forests or trails. Outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, mountaineering or skiing require specialising equipment, technical clothing and accessories specifically designed to ensure your protection and safety.

Mountain Footwear is specifically designed for outdoor activities in mountainous, rocky and uneven terrain. Mountain boots provide protection, support and traction in adverse conditions. Mountain boots are constructed with strong and durable materials that protect your feet from elements such as sharp rocks, roots, thorns and other obstacles you might encounter in rough terrain. Some hiking boots are designed to keep your feet warm in cold conditions. These boots often have thermal insulation and materials that retain body heat. Hiking shoes are lighter than hiking boots, but also provide comfort, protection and performance during walks and hikes. Hiking shoes offer a moderate level of ankle support, which can be beneficial on hilly or sloping terrain to reduce the risk of sprains. Another type of hiking footwear is sandals. Sandals are a type of footwear characterised by having open uppers and being supported by straps, thongs or soles that hold the foot around the ankle or across the instep. Unlike boots or trainers, sandals leave parts of the foot exposed, such as the toes and the top of the foot. Hiking sandals are ideal for warm climates, as they allow your feet to breathe and stay cool. The sandals are designed to suit a variety of terrains, including trails, rivers, streams and beaches. They are versatile and offer traction and protection on both dry and wet surfaces. The mountain footwear has an aggressive outsole design with deep lugs that offer superior traction on slippery, muddy or rocky terrain. This allows you to keep your balance and avoid slipping in difficult conditions. The traction outsole is specially designed to provide optimal grip and secure traction on a variety of surfaces and adverse conditions in the mountains.

Mountain Clothing is designed specifically for use in outdoor activities in varied mountain environments and weather conditions. Mountain clothing is designed to provide comfort, protection and performance in cold, windy, rainy, snowy and high-altitude conditions. Mountain clothing is divided into three main layers: the base layer, the mid-layer and the outer layer. A base layer is the layer that is in contact with the skin and must be breathable and absorbent so that sweat can be wicked away and the skin can breathe properly. The middle layer provides insulation and the outer layer protects from wind and rain, so it is advisable to choose a waterproof material. Waterproof clothing protects us from rain and wind during intense activities, while preserving body heat in cold weather. Mountain clothing is made from a wide variety of technical fabrics such as synthetic fibres like polyester and nylon, which are breathable and resistant. Synthetic fabrics are the most commonly used in mountaineering clothing, as they offer a good balance between performance and price. Natural materials are also used, such as wool, which is warm and absorbent.

The choice of Outdoor Material can vary significantly depending on the activity and environmental conditions. However, there are some materials that are essential for most outdoor activities. A backpack is essential for carrying your belongings and equipment during your hikes or sports sessions. The choice of backpack will depend on the duration of the activity and the amount of equipment you need to carry. It is important to choose a backpack with the right capacity to fit all your equipment without adding too much weight to the load. A useful accessory is the waterproof case, which covers the backpack and protects it from water and rain in adverse weather conditions. Safety and survival preparedness are of paramount importance when you are outdoors. Making sure you have the right accessories in case of an emergency is essential. A first aid kit well-stocked with medical supplies is essential for treating minor injuries and unexpected medical conditions. A multi-purpose knife can be useful for cutting ropes, getting ready food and performing a wide variety of other tasks. Fitting a thermal blanket in your rucksack can be very useful in extremely cold conditions due to its ability to retain body heat. An emergency whistle can be heard over long distances and is an effective way of pinpointing your location in case of need.

There are a number of industry-recognised brands that manufacture high-quality outdoor products. The North Face is a leading brand of outdoor clothing and equipment. The North Face offers a wide range of clothing from waterproof jackets to backpacks and footwear. Patagonia is renowned for its commitment to sustainability and the manufacture of durable products offering a wide range of outdoor clothing. Columbia is known for its durable and affordable outdoor clothing. Black Diamond is a highly respected brand in the outdoor gear industry, especially when it comes to climbing and alpine activities. Black Diamond offers a wide range of technical products such as harnesses, ropes, helmets, headlamps, climbing gear and backpacks designed specifically for mountaineering and rock climbing. Salomon is a French brand known for its wide range of high-quality mountaineering shoes. Their products are very popular with runners all over the world. Merrell specialises in footwear for outdoor activities and is known for its focus on comfort and durability.

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