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Outdoor Footwear

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The mountaineering shoe is specifically designed for outdoor activities in mountainous, rocky and uneven terrain. The hiking boots provide protection, support and traction in adverse conditions. The hiking boots are constructed with tough and durable materials that protect your feet from elements such as sharp rocks, roots, thorns and other obstacles you might encounter in rough terrain. Some hiking boots are designed to keep your feet warm in cold conditions. These boots usually have thermal insulation and materials that retain body heat.

The hiking shoes are lighter than hiking boots, but also provide comfort, protection and performance during walks and hikes. Trail shoes offer a moderate level of ankle support, which can be beneficial in hilly or steep terrain to reduce the risk of sprains.

Another type of mountain footwear is sandals. The sandals are a type of footwear characterised by the open upper and are supported by straps, thongs or soles that hold the foot around the ankle or on the instep. Unlike boots or trainers, sandals expose parts of the foot, such as the toes and the top of the foot. Hiking sandals are ideal for warm climates, as they allow your feet to breathe and stay cool. The sandals are designed to adapt to a variety of terrains, including trails, rivers, streams and beaches. They are versatile and offer traction and protection on both dry and wet surfaces .

The mountain shoe has an aggressively designed outsole with deep lugs that offer superior traction on slippery, muddy or rocky terrain. This allows you to keep your balance and avoid slipping in difficult conditions. The traction sole is specially designed to provide optimal grip and secure traction on a variety of surfaces and adverse conditions in the mountains.

Some hiking boots and shoes are waterproof and offer protection against moisture and adverse weather conditions. Mountain footwear with GORE-TEX technology features a waterproof and breathable membrane that provides protection from rain and moisture while allowing water vapour generated by the body to evaporate, keeping people dry and comfortable in a variety of weather conditions. GORE-TEX technology is known for its durability. Garments and footwear with this technology are wear and abrasion resistant, making them suitable for tough conditions in the mountains.

At deporvillage you can find a wide variety of hiking shoes from the best brands on the market. Salomon is a French brand known for its wide range of high-quality mountain shoes. Its products are very popular with runners all over the world. Merrell specialises in outdoor footwear and is known for its focus on comfort and durability. adidas has also gained a lot of attention since the launch of Terrex. The Terrex line offers a variety of products designed to provide performance, protection and comfort in mountainous environments and uneven terrain.

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