Paddle Surfing

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Paddle Surfing began on Waikiki Beach in the 1960s and the beach boys of that time reinvented SUP as we know it today. They used large boards and canoe paddles to photograph and watch tourists learning to surf. It is a sport for all ages, physical conditions and it is relatively safe, has a great ease to be learnt and is adapted to all water environments, from rivers, lakes and the sea. To practise Paddle Surfing you need the Paddle Surfing board and a SUP Paddle . But to increase safety you also need accessories such as: leash, neoprene, helmet, life jacket or waterproof backpacks.

When choosing the Paddle Surf board, we must think about our experience. If you are not an expert it is better to start with a large volume board, generally they have a rounded shape and are much wider in the central part, where most of its volume is concentrated to offer us greater stability.

The second thing we have to think about when choosing our board is our weight. Paddle surf boards come according to their volume. To get an idea, some good measurements to start off with would be: For weights up to 65 kg, a board up to 130 liters. For a weight of 65 to 85 kg, a board of up to 150 liters and for more than 85 kg a board of about 190 liters.

Inflatable paddle surfboards are a good option for beginners in this sport, especially because they are easy to transport. They are very resistant, but they do not glide as well over the waves as rigid boards do and they have a slightly slower response in the water.

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