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Pants X-Bionic Energy Accumulator Pants Medium black orange

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X Bionic
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Pants X-Bionic Energy Accumulator Pants Medium is a first layer that is responsible for ensuring heat when it is cold and vice versa, cold when it is hot. This thermoregulatory feature is unique in the market and allows the athlete to use all their energy in the execution of the exercise, optimizing muscle performance and increasing the sense of comfort by maintaining a uniform temperature of 37 degrees in all cases. In addition, its compression principle promotes muscle performance and blood circulation.

The operation is very simple. The thermal scanners reveal areas with excess heat and areas with lack thereof. To optimize the use of this energy, the AirConditioning Channel has been created, which transports this excess heat to cooler areas. There is also the 3D BionicSphere system that gives the athlete a feeling of comfort because it cools it during exercise and heats it during recovery, which are a series of aeration channels originated through hollow stitches in tension, which allows the fibers in contact with the body collect the heat and transfer it to the fibers in suspension in order to evaporate.

Characteristics Pants X-Bionic Energy Accumulator Pants Medium:

X-Bionic Partial Kompression
The partial compression of the X-Bionic meshes keeps you in top shape even over long distances, improving regeneration and recovery, without compromising cooling. The results are revolutionary: the oscillations of the muscles are reduced, the assimilation of oxygen and nutrients is improved, and recovery is accelerated.

The back of the knee breathes quickly and intensely. A fine and circular knit fabric has been incorporated in said area. The perspiration dissipates and is pushed outwards with the help of body heat so there is no risk of overcooling.

The ISO-Pad allows the selective isolation of individual parts of the cold body to protect the body in winter. This is how the optimized ISO-Pad located in the hip bones, as well as the finest ISO-Pad in the buttocks, retain more heat, which is necessary to guarantee the function of the internal organs.

Innerlap AirConditioningZone
The Innerlap AirConditioningZone is a thinner and more delicate fabric that is incorporated in the inner part of the thigh, since this area of ??the body is heat emitting and does not require thermal isolation but maximum ventilation.

3D BionicSphere System
The 3D BionicSphere system on the lower back provides the athlete with a feeling of comfort because it refreshes him during exercise and heats him during recovery.

Knees can bend up to 160 degrees, and most tissues can not withstand this stress without thinning and, therefore, causing a loss of functional isolation. On the contrary, the tissue in this area is folded like an accordion so that the knee does not cool. The ExpansionKnee protect the knees from the cold.

They help in retaining heat in the thighs. The cold can cause injuries to the muscles and even reach numbness. It is even more dangerous when cooling delays the muscle reaction time, which can lead to increased muscle injuries and the risk of accidents. With a waveform, it lies on a large surface of the thigh muscle, thus retaining the necessary heat to maintain muscular performance.

AirConditioning Channel
A system of ventilation channels wraps the body. The sweat evaporates and is pushed outwards with the help of body heat without risk of cooling.
Reference: XB-I020012-B078
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"Elite athletes use 97% of their energy to keep the temperature of their body at moderate levels. That's where X-Bionic kicks in with its extraordinary high-performance pants."
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