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Bike pedals are the supports with which the human force is exerted to pedal and make the bicycle move forward. The pedals rotate on an axis that is attached to the chainset. This rotary movement is what makes the chainrings move, activating the chain that, in turn, turns the rear wheel. At present there are pedals of many different materials such as plastic, iron, aluminium and finally carbon fibre.

We can differentiate between three types of pedals:

- The most basic and widely used pedals are those that consist of a plastic or metal platform and on which force is applied by the foot to start the movement of the bicycle. These pedals rotate to adapt better to the foot.

- Pedals with straps or toe clips are very similar to the simple flat pedals but in this case they consist of a strap or support to hold the toe in place. With these pedals cyclists have a better grip on the pedals which improves performance.

- Clipless pedals are the most used by cyclists who regularly practice this sport, better performance is achieved as strength is provided throughout the entire rotation movement of the pedal and contact with the pedal is never lost. These pedals clip to special shoes and to unclip them, all you have to is make a small lateral movement.

There are road and MTB pedals. The main difference is that MTB pedals can be attached on both sides, while road ones only attach on one side and are usually lighter.

Opinions featured in Bicycle Pedals

Look Kéo Grip 4.5º Cleats Grey
As promised
Highly recommended Highly recommended
Look Kéo Grip 9º Cleats Red
As promised
Highly recommended
Look Kéo Cleat Covers
As promised
Highly recommended
SHIMANO MTB SH56 Cleats w/o Cleat Nut (Pair)
great product
very good product
Shimano ES600 Pedals
I like MTB clips over SPDs as I have a range of bikes - finding lightweight MTB clips is not easy. These Shimano ES600 pedal are perfect for the job on my lightweight road bike. I am really impressed with them.
Look Kéo Blade Carbon Pedals Black
Good service
Best pedals, came on time
Shimano SM-SH11 Cleats 6 Degrees Float Yellow (Pair)
Cycling essential
Good price for this cycling kit staple. I do about 1500 miles per year and these last a good 18 months.
Union SP-872N Platform Pedals Black
Bargain price
Perfect cheap fix
XLC PD-M01 Pedals Black
Great quality
Great quality and price
Look Kéo 2 Max Carbon Pedals Black
Top Quality
SHIMANO MTB SH51 Cleats w/o Cleat Nut (Pair)
Good quality
Does the job
Shimano RS Pedals
Good set of pedals
Good quality with cleats included. Bought them for my static bike.
Shimano XT M8100 XC SPD Pedals Black Silver
Great product, no point getting XTR
Excellent value for money - usually superb build quality. Will run and run.
Crankbrothers Egg Beater 1 Pedals Silver Red
Great product but takes time to get used to after Shimano SPDs
Recommended for gravel / mtb bikes
Crankbrothers Shoe Shields (PAIR)
Protects your shoe soles
Good quality item

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