Pedro's Pig Pen Maintenance Kit

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The Pedro's Pig Pen maintenance kit is a perfect chain cleaning kit that is an essential part of your bike's maintenance to ensure smooth shifting, efficient pedaling, and long life of the transmission. To avoid unnecessary product waste and to make this action easier, Pedro's recommends the Chain Pig II, an updated version of the Chain Pig, with an improved closing mechanism made of flexible steel arms that join the lower and upper parts. The Chain Pig has been designed with professional quality, ease of use, performance and versatility in mind. The upper and lower body are made of super-strong, impact-resistant, chemical-resistant plastic; the brush wheels, which have the toughest job of any chain cleaner, have larger diameter bristles optimized for rigidity, effective cleaning performance and superior durability.

For bicycles with rear derailleur, the derailleur hook without a trailing edge provides simple use and hands-free operation. The Chain Pig is also designed for efficient use of cleaning and degreasing agents. The system allows for effective cleaning with only 1 ounce of liquid degreaser. The brushes in zone one effectively remove the degreaser from the tank and place it on the chain. The chain is then cleaned from all angles and finally stretched through a large, durable sponge that absorbs excess and contaminated fluid from the chain, minimizing mess and dripping. The sponge also cleans the chain, filters out larger contaminants and returns the degreaser usable for further cleaning. Quickly and easily check the complete transmission of your bike. The Pig Pen II drive train maintenance kit includes everything you need: Chain Pig hands-free chain cleaner, gear brush, degreaser and chain lubricant.

- Gear brush: perfect for degreasing cassettes, gear pulleys and crowns
- Bye grease: this degreaser is fast, efficient and gentle. Dissolve the grease and oil immediately, and if you wait a few minutes you will see how the dry sand dissolves too. Simply apply it to the metal parts, scrub and rinse them. It also works perfectly with Chain Pig Chain Cleaner. Grease Bye is completely biodegradable and has a negligible environmental impact. 1.Apply to the chain, cassette and crowns with the brush, or using the Chain Pig for the chain. 2.Rinse well with low-medium pressure water. 3.Allow to dry and apply a new coat of lubricant
- ChainJ: biodegradable oil, multi-conditions. Biodegradable chain lubricant, ideal for normal and wet conditions Its negatively charged molecules adhere to the chain and increase its durability and water resistance
Reference: PE-6100350

Quick Overview

A maintenance kit that cannot be missing from your home.

Quick Overview

A maintenance kit that cannot be missing from your home.
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