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Do you want to know more about Pilates and Yoga?

The Pilates method is a preventive program of corporal and mental conditioning. In recent years Pilates has experienced spectacular growth, both as a form of physical exercise and as part of a global wellness regime. More than 10 million people practice some type of Pilates exercise in North America.

Pilates has different exercises designed to strengthen abdominals, lose weight, increase strength and agility, etc ... or in which different materials are used like fitballs, elastic bands, balls, rings, etc ...

The ground work is the basis of the Pilates method and consists of numerous exercises that can be developed both in collective classes and in personal training. The range of resistance products and balance equipment is varied and is ideal for developing strength, endurance and flexibility.

Pilates can be practiced at home in any comfort and at any time thanks to the collection of high-quality video sessions that help you get the benefits of a collective session at home. All available titles are designed by experts in Pilates.

Yoga is a set of original physical and mental disciplines of India that are intended to achieve spiritual perfection and union with the absolute.

Defined postures, concentrated breathing and stretching increase strength and flexibility. Fluid movements, deep stretches and stabilizing positions help center the mind and body.

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Avento Pilates Ball 65 cm + Air Pump Grey
Very good . High quality
Very good . High quality . I recomend this Pilates ball . And the air pump works very well

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