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The Polar Verity Sense OHR sensor is a versatile, quality optical heart rate sensor that measures HR at the upper arm or temple. It's a great alternative to the chest strap and wrist devices.
Includes armband and goggles clip. It's easy to use, features Polar's optical HR technology and transfers data via Bluetooth and ANT+. You can record workouts to the internal memory and then transfer the data to your phone, or connect it to a compatible device and monitor your HR while you train.

Polar Verity Sense keeps your wrist free for maximum comfort and total freedom of movement. Wear it on your arm, clip it to your goggles or fasten it against your skin under a tight-fitting garment.

Polar Verity Sense is very easy to use thanks to its single button. Just turn it on, put it on your arm or temple and start training.

Bluetooth and ANT+ technologies let you pair Polar Verity Sense with a multitude of devices. It also allows two simultaneous Bluetooth connections.

- Versatility:
Polar Verity Sense can be used for a multitude of sports. You can record your heart rate in real time on a connected device or app, or record your session to the sensor's internal memory and transfer the data to your phone later.

A swimmer's best companion:
With the convenient goggle clip that allows you to wear it on your temple, Polar Verity Sense automatically tracks your heart rate, turns, distance and pace in the pool.

- High quality optical heart rate (6 LED lights)
- Long battery life: 30 hours per charge
- Internal memory: 16 MB, 600 hours of training
- 3 training modes: standalone, heart rate and swimming
- Tracks distance, turns, pace and heart rate in the pool automatically with swim mode.
- Extremely easy to use
- Works with all Polar Bluetooth devices, most sports watches and smartwatches, Polar Flow and many other fitness apps
- Works with ANT+ devices such as fitness machines and cycle computers
- Two simultaneous Bluetooth connections and ANT+ transmission: you can transmit your heart rate simultaneously to two Bluetooth-enabled devices and as many ANT+ devices as you like
- Water resistant (50 m)
- Bluetooth Low Energy with a range of 150 meters
- Removable, machine washable textile armband, goggle clip and handy storage pouch included.
- Rechargeable battery
- Upgradeable firmware

Reference: PA-92083450

Quick Overview

Polar Verity Sense OHR, a quality optical heart rate sensor for all sports. Transfers data via Bluetooth and ANT+.

Quick Overview

Polar Verity Sense OHR, a quality optical heart rate sensor for all sports. Transfers data via Bluetooth and ANT+.