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Polar have been working since their inception to help athletes to lead a healthier lifestyle and improve their physical condition. Listening to the body is one thing, but understanding what it tells us is another. Polar help us understand the essence of training itself. For this, Polar are based on a combination of specialisation in sports, physiology and electronics on the one hand, and on a deep understanding of user needs on the other. For this reason, the fact that Polar are a leading company in technological innovations and heart rate monitors since 1977 should not surprise anyone. In addition, and because Polar offer a wide range of heart rate monitors and essential technical assistance, they meet the needs of all levels of physical training. From improving an athlete's sporting performance to helping sports enthusiasts enjoy a healthier lifestyle and allowing people to manage their weight and physical rehabilitation. This desire to be the best has been possible thanks to the ambition and talent of professionals who still believe in what they do with the same passion as 30 years ago. Polar's success is evident, because, today, they employ 1,200 people worldwide, have 26 branches worldwide and manage a distribution network that supplies products in more than 80 countries.

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Polar M460 GPS Bike Computer
Easier to use
Purchased to replace Polar M450 - the M460 is perfect!
Polar M430 Running Watch Black
Accurate wrist heart rate.
This item is of good quality and works very well without the hassle of a heart rate monitor.

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