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Do you want to know more about racks and structures?

The racks and structures are metal or steel supports that allow working several parts of the body, favoring the functional training of any fitness program.

The variety of racks and structures is very wide, and the choice of one or the other support has to be based on the type of training that wants to be carried out. The most remarkable workouts that can be done with this type of fitness materials are the following:

- Weight lifting - Lifting knees - Trainings with Boxing bags, GUN-Ex ropes, and other functional materials - Workouts with Olympic records and push-up bar - Upper body exercises, such as abdominals, pectorals, triceps, dorsal and biceps

For the most part, racks are the most used supports for lifting weights and weight discs. The vertical structures allow exercises related to the lifting of knees and the upper body, with the help of bars, ribbons and other accessories . Many of them, to improve the comfort of the product, have backrests and support for padded arms. In this way the training is much more comfortable and enjoyable.

The benefits provided by the training carried out with this type of material go beyond the physical aspect. In addition to reducing body fat and increasing muscle mass, exercises with weights, bars or ribbons increase bone density and, therefore, help to avoid osteoporosis or stress fractures. In this way, not only is it possible to improve the physique but it also favors health.

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