PowerBar Isoactive Isotonic Drink 600g Lemon (6 Units)

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New PowerBar energy drink with carbohydrates. 
With an exclusive combination of"C2Max" carbohydrates, PowerBar ISOACTIVE offers quick hydration. 
It provides the body with 5 of the main electrolytes that we lose when we sweat (sodium, potassium, magnesium, chloride and calcium). 
No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives, it's a drink that is recommended especially for drinking before and during physical activity. 
In cans of 600 g for 18 doses. With C2MAX and extra sodium. 
It improves fluid retention and minimises urine production compared to drinking water, which means more time playing sports and a better physical condition. 
Sodium also stimulates water consumption with the aim of keeping you better hydrated.
Reference: POW-24712203

Quick Overview

Take before and during exercise. You'll perform at your best.

Quick Overview

Take before and during exercise. You'll perform at your best.
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