Probe Ortovox Alu 320+ PFA blue orange silver

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The Ortovox Alu 320+ PFA probe is stable and extensible. In addition, it has the PFA quick assembly system and its tip can be replaced. Once disassembled, this probe is very compact and can be transported easily. It also has easily readable depth markers and a very clear meter marker. Its rubber handle also ensures that its handling is safe and will not freeze under any conditions.

- PFA quick assembly system
- Steel cable tension system
- Depth markers
- Quick unpacking coverage
- Extensible
- Visual guidance system
- Rubber handle
- Long probe tip
- Replaceable tip
- Material: 7075 Aluminum T6

- Visual guidance system
This intuitive system gives you quick and clear information about the depth of the victim at each moment. Knowing this fact, the strategy can be adapted when it's time to paddle and save a very important time.

- PFA quick assembly system
Thanks to an innovative quick-assembly tape, the probes with this system are mounted directly after removing them from the cover. They can also be dismantled simply by pressing the lid of the system with your thumb.
Reference: OVX-22561-887

Quick Overview

A long probe with all the characteristics to be able to use it in adverse conditions.

Quick Overview

A long probe with all the characteristics to be able to use it in adverse conditions.
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