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In modern cycling, great attention should be payed to each and every detail. This is the reason why Prologo has gained prominence, developing high-performance products and technology. Time makes all the difference and every hundredth can be conclusive to whether they make history or remain anonymous. Prologo's mission is to make history. The Prologo cycling saddles incorporate different technologies such as the Nack carbon fibre, kevlar and aluminum-alloy filament rails that are arranged in the clamping area, manufactured with a braided process called Braided Carbon Rail (BCR) to achieve uniformity of the various types of fibres and materials. Most Prologo saddles also feature their Active Density technology which is a new solution patented by Prologo, which allows a new level of comfort. This system is really a combination between stiffness and density. More rigidity in the front and rear and less rigidity in the central part. High density in the rear area, medium density in the middle of the saddle and low density in the front area. In addition, the Easy Stroke Design (ESD) is the result of ergonomic and biomechanical studies, carried out by Prologo in recent years. These studies have developed an improvement in the design of the transition area, offering more space of the cyclist's legs, improved pedalling efficiency and a better cycling position.

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