Quad Lock


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Quad Lock was born as the only solution that allows to securely and conveniently connect the smartphone to the bicycle, car or arm, and is just the beginning of many mounting options available.

The idea arose when Chris Peters had just moved to a new city and thought it would be very useful to be able to use Google Maps while riding a bike. He experimented with frames and supports of existing cars, but he did not like the results, so he decided to develop his own system.

Having no capital to bring the product to market, Chris and his business partner, Rob Ward, turned to the Internet; crowdfunding, social networks and e-commerce to see if they could raise the necessary funds. It was launched on December 5, 2011 and broke its funding objective in the first two weeks.

To date, hundreds of thousands of products have been sent to more than 4,000 cities in more than 100 countries and sales continue to grow at a steady pace. The difference between Quad Lock and other mounting solutions is that half of the frame has been incorporated into the back of a protective case that provides excellent daily protection for the mobile, while allowing the brackets to be small and discreet. The system securely locks the phone to the stand and can never be accidentally released.