Triathlon Rear Derailleurs

Do you want to know more about triathlon bike changes?

The changes and derailleurs that are in the bicycles are essential to be able to change the gears and improve the performance of the bicycle. The changes serve to move the chain on the rear wheel and change the pinions, while the diverter changes the position of the chain on the plates. In this way you can get a variety of marches to face the different ups and downs of the route.

It is common to have to adjust the front derailleur, since in many cases it is out of adjustment due to bumps, wear or simply because a change has been made to a new one and this has to be adjusted with tools , because if it is not adjusted properly the changes can be made correctly. Some problems that can cause a bad adjustment of the deviator can be that the cable is defective, an excess of oxide or simply the dirt in some part of the sleeve of the cable.

The change of the bicycle is in the rear wheel and it is somewhat more complicated to adjust it than the derailleur. This system allows to change the position of the chain in the pinions and allows to lower or raise the transmission force.

In the triathlon for gear changes to be made correctly, apart from adjusting the change and derailleur , it is important to correctly adjust the cable that reaches the handlebar of the bicycle, since there is the possibility that the cable has been loosened and has to be tensed correctly.

Popular Triathlon Rear Derailleurs brands: