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Recuperator Amix Performance Reco-Pro is a complete post-training recuperator, which will provide your body with tools to combat fatigue and help alleviate the wear caused by intense physical exercise.

Unlike other recuperators Amix Performance Reco-Pro works with a ratio of carbohydrate and protein complex of 40-60%, that is to say, that the complete protein base is supported by the contribution of carbohydrates of rapid assimilation, which will enter directly to fill those depleted glycogen stores in the muscle, which makes it ideal to take after medium-long-term physical activity.

We can highlight the following components of Amix Performance Reco-Pro:

Carbohydrates: Complex of carbohydrates of rapid assimilation, to combat the deficit caused by physical activity.

Patented CFM protein of the highest quality: Formed by the union of isolated protein and hydrolyzed first quality, formed by a complete base of amino acids of great purity

BCAA instant (2: 1: 1): Branched amino acids in crystalline form of rapid absorption, formed by a scale of 2: 1: 1 (Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine), extra amino acids contribution to those already provided by the protein.

CreatineMatrix (2: 1: 1): Creatine Compound of the highest quality (Kre-Alkalyn, creatinemonohydrate, Creatine magna power), aimed at the repair and regeneration of fibers instantly, since it is the fastest metabolic pathway in the brain. organism.

GlutamineMatrix (1: 1): Glutamine formed bymicronized L-Glutamine and L-GlutamineAlphaKetoglutarate (1: 1). Glutamine is the best amino acid for muscle regeneration and care.

Amix PhosphoMatrix contains Phosphomatrix, a special mixture of minerals that guarantees the supply of very important nutrients for blood circulation, in addition to combating dehydration, helping the body to function correctly.

UltraGrad Golden Flax Seed Oil: qualitative contribution of Omega 3 that acts directly on the nervous system improving ostensibly the functioning, at a cardiovascular level stabilizing the cardiac contraction, reinforcing the immune system.

These are the main components of the Amix Performance Reco-Pro, in which the best raw materials of the market have been used, so it is one of the most complete recuperators for athletes.

How to use:
Mix 1 tablespoon (25 g) with 200 - 300 ml of water and drink immediately after physical exercise. To change the taste and sweetness of the drink change the amount of water used for the preparation.

Flavors: double chocolate, vanilla-yogurt and berries

CFM: It is the purest whey protein, selectively enriched by peptides, manufactured in Glanbia. This protein is ideal to increase muscle mass without added fat and hydrates, stimulates the production of nitric oxide to induce sustained energy and promotes muscle recovery.

Creatine MagnaPower. It is a form of patented creatine that is formulated after the union of magnesium to the creatine molecule obtaining chelated magnesium creatine. Supplementation with Creatine Magna Power presents the same benefits as creatine supplementation and seems to provide better bioavailability and absorption of creatine. For this reason, the recommended dose is lower than in the case of creatine monohydrate. Creatine monohydrate is absorbed by a sodium-dependent transporter while the chelated creatine-magnesium molecule behaves like a cation and is absorbed by a ligand-activated ion channel.
Magnesium is a cation. The union of creatine to the magnesium atom causes the whole molecule to behave like a cation using its own transporters, favoring its absorption and increasing its bioavailability. Theoretically, better absorption would reduce its degradation to creatinine. One of the studies conducted with Creatina Magna Power indicates a total water retention lower than creatine monohydrate, so that people who tend to retain liquids with conventional creatine can also benefit from this form of creatine.

Kre-Alkalyn: is a patented formula of creatine that incorporates agents? Buffer? which maintain the pH at levels of 7 to 14. Creatine improves performance in strength, power and endurance training. According to the manufacturer's studies, the more alkaline pH of Kre-Alcalyn improves absorption and reduces the conversion of this to creatinine, reducing the adverse effects that some people feel when taking creatine monohydrate. However, independent studies have not found an improvement in performance between the consumption of 5 grams of creatine monohydrate and 1.5 grams of Kre-alcalyn. However, it must be borne in mind that smaller quantities of Kre-Alcalyn were needed to achieve the same results. This factor can be important for people with a fragile digestive system or who wish to consume smaller amounts of creatine without renouncing its effectiveness.

Palatinose: Is the commercial name of isomaltulose, a type of pure and sweet carbohydrate that is derived from a natural source of sucrose. Palatinose is an ideal alternative to sucrose, glucose and maltodextrin because it provides glucose in a more balanced way, favoring a supply of energy over a longer period of time. In addition, having a low glycemic index is suitable for diabetics, helps to supply energy without stimulating the formation of fatty deposits, favors the oxidation of fats and is also not cariogenic, that is, does not cause caries.
Reference: IX-8594159537644

Quick Overview

It is a complete post-workout recuperator that helps you alleviate the wear caused by intense physical exercise.

Quick Overview

It is a complete post-workout recuperator that helps you alleviate the wear caused by intense physical exercise.
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