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Top Sellers Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Do you want to know more about recumbent bicycles?

The recumbent bicycle is one of the most innovative elements in the practice of fitness . They are a type of static bicycles but with a difference, the seat. The backrest and the position of the chair make the recumbent bike more comfortable and comfortable than other stationary bicycles. The lumbar area is better treated and does not suffer any impact or uncomfortable position, so that this type of bicycles are ideal for the realization of physical therapies.

The recumbent bicycles have a magnetic resistance system and an easy-to-use console that allows to regulate the levels of resistance, visualize the time, the speed, the calories expended and the pulse. In this way, the recumbent bicycle ensures a training with gentle movements, comfortable and, above all, controlled.

These types of bikes are perfect for weight loss or physical rehabilitation. By causing a minor impact on physical conditioning exercises, compared to other static bicycles, it is possible to work with the same intensity as that provided by a vertical bicycle, with the added convenience. In this way, cardio exercises are performed, improving health, without hardly noticing the effort.

Being so complete and detailed bicycles, its price is higher than that of other bicycles.

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