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In an unprecedented move in the world, due to the pandemic caused by COVID-19 and the high demand for protective systems and products, it has become necessary to increase and diversify the production of masks that protect us from spreading and being infected by this virus. The reusable masks must: cover the nose, mouth and chin, be made of a suitable reusable filtering material that allows breathing and, in addition, be made of materials that, in contact with the user's skin, present no known risk of irritation or adverse health effects. Currently the use of the mask is practically obligatory among adults and children from 3 years old onwards in both open and closed spaces, even if safety distances are maintained.

Please note that reusable masks are NOT a medical product . That is, when using them, the speed of respiratory flow and the expulsion of saliva drops and/or mucus is reduced, which helps to reduce the spread of COVID-19. However, the required distance of one to two meters and regular hand washing is still the best protection against infection.

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