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Road Wheels

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Do you want to know more about Road Wheels?

Road wheels are made of an aluminium alloy or carbon rim, hubs and spokes.

The rim is the outer part of the wheel that holds the tyre and provides a braking surface for rim brakes, the majority of rims are made of an aluminium alloy or carbon and are perforated to attach the spokes.

The hub is the centre part of the wheel and one of its most important components.

The spokes connect the hub and the rim. They are what give the wheel strength and stiffness. They are most typically made of thin steel wires.

Irrespective of the shape and material of the wheel, some brands are trying to introduce the tubeless system which has worked so well in MTB bikes recently. In order to apply this technology to road wheels, the inside of the rim has had to be redesigned. Specifically, the rim bed which is the area the rim tape is fixed to, has been redesigned, from being flat to become contoured to interlock with the tyre and creating a perfectly airtight seal between tyre and rim.

Just like there are many different types of bikes, we can also identify different types of wheels, which are classified according to their depth. There are three types: shallow section, mid section and deep section.

Another important aspect of road wheels, is the material they are made of. There currently exists carbon wheels or aluminium alloy wheels.

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