Leading the way over the years, Rollerblade has accomplished several innovations in the industry, such as the use of polyurethane boots and wheels, metal structures, bearings and double-heeled brakes. In 1980, two Minnesota brothers playing hockey discovered an inline skate while looking around in a sporting goods store and decided that this design would be an ideal tool outside the professional hockey season. They refined the skate and began assembling the first Rollerblade rollerblades in the basement of their parents' home in Minneapolis. 30 years later they are leaders in the industry and have made recreational and professional skating more accessible to people of all ages and all athletic abilities.

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Rollerblade Twister Edge Rollerblades Dark Grey Lilac Women
Love my skates!
Haven’t ridden for a long time so I definitely need to practice more. I live in an urban area and the skates so far seem sustainable to bumps and cracks on the street. Sizing is perfect, at first, they seem a little uncomfortable but they literally molded to my feet on the first day. Highly recommend these for intermediate skaters.
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