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The Rollerblade Cube skate set for girls consists of high quality adjustable skates and includes a helmet and a pack of 3 skating materials. Using Rollerblade's expertise, the skates are adjustable in four full sizes. An easy-to-use system works at the touch of a button and the markers in the toe area align the skates to the correct size. The Junior Fit stand includes a mesh designed for breathability and provides greater comfort. A durable frame design reduces the center of gravity for improved stability, balance and control. The 72mm Performance wheels and SG3 bearings are ideal for children and upgrading to a faster Microblade 3WD can be achieved later by purchasing larger wheels. The buckle, feed strap and snap lock system ensure a secure fit and the brake is standard.

- Best children's in-line skate, comes with helmet and protective gear: Microblade is the best skate for kids just starting out and is ideal for kids who have an older skate and are looking for a better quality product to upgrade. Cube comes with a Rollerblade Twist helmet and a package of 3 Rollerblade protections (knee, wrist and elbow pads)
- Adjustable in 4 sizes: the Microblade housing is sleek and streamlined to correctly position children on the skateboard so that each stride is optimized for skating with proper balance, control and improved support
- Children's comfort: superior cushioning. The Junior Fit lining makes this skate so comfortable that kids won't want to take it off. Designed mesh creates a sock with a breathable fit
- The durable Integrated Framework is part of the shell to bring children closer to the ground for a lower center of gravity. It also features a 3WD mounting system to upgrade to a 3x80 mm wheel configuration.
- Roller performance wheels: The 72 mm / 80 A wheels are combined with SG3 bearings for a smooth and durable bearing with just the right amount of speed to keep the roll a little safer, but still exciting.
Reference: RB-07102100-T93

Quick Overview

The Junior Fit stand includes a mesh designed for breathability.

Quick Overview

The Junior Fit stand includes a mesh designed for breathability.
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