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Do you want to know more about skates?

Skating is a sport that is divided into several categories, some more known than others. Thus, the modalities of skating are all characterised by the form or the procedure followed to skate on the surface. Moreover, the specialists of this sport give great importance to the physical movements in each category for the execution of the main tricks.

Roller skating takes place on surfaces such as asphalt, concrete or parquet, which can also have a plastic rolling layer (polyurethane, resin, synthetic, etc.). Roller skating can be practised in specific places such as rinks or circuits, or in places set up for the occasion (as is the case with streets and roads in long-distance races). Roller skates can be of two types: the classic one, also known as quads or 4-wheel skates, which have four wheels placed in pairs on two axles, inline skates, which have a similar arrangement to ice skates, replacing the blade with a rail that holds a varying number of wheels (between three and five) positioned one behind the other.

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