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Running Legwear

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Do you want to know more about running tights and shorts?

Running tights and shorts should be light, comfortable, breathable and must be the right size to allow you to run freely without being too tight or too loose.

Bottoms for running are usually made of breathable, ultralight, elastic and quick drying polyester for maximum comfort, with elastic and resistant flatlock seams. The inner support is made with a very breathable fabric. The waist is elastic with drawstring and they usually have a zip back pocket.

How to choose running tights or shorts.

There are three crucial points that we must consider when choosing clothes for running:
- It must insulate our bodies from the outside temperature and keep our body temperature stable, so it must have good insulation and moisture wicking properties.
- It should protect us from possible chafing, especially in the crotch; conventional clothes have seams that are too bulky.
- It must be as lightweight as possible and allow us to move as freely as possible.

In running, it must be taken into account that our legs do most of the work during a race, so what we wear on them should be as comfortable as possible. As a general rule, tight clothing will be the most comfortable to run in. Depending on the time of year, you can choose between long or short leggings, or shorts, ensuring they fit well and allow freedom of movement.

- Long and short leggings: they should be as tight as possible, so they move with you and minimise the risk of chafing. We recommend long leggings for really cold temperatures and short leggings for a milder weather. Cropped leggings are perfect for spring and autumn or even year-round in moderate climates. Cotton leggings can be used in summer, although they will not last long. Polyamide and elastane are the most versatile fabrics. For the cold, there are thicker models, or models with a thin thermal lining, keeping you warm while remaining comfortable.

- Shorts are ideal for long runs and hot or warm temperatures, as they have a thin inner lining, small seams to prevent chafing and a loose outer part with a sheer touch.

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