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Do you want to know more about the head torches?

Head torches allow you to run with complete freedom of movement and your hands free. Despite their small size, they are robust, resistant, ergonomic and easy to use. Things to bear in mind when choosing a head torch are: the beam distance, autonomy, type of flashlight, weight and type of battery.

The beam distance indicates the maximum distance in metres the torch can illuminate. If the torch is used to go jogging or to walk on the mountain, a great distance will be needed, since the greater the illuminating distance, the sooner you will see any obstacle that may arise on the road.

Autonomy refers to the maximum time the torch can operate without changing the battery or recharging it. The autonomy varies depending on the type of battery or battery that is used.

The type of bulb is one of the most important elements to consider when choosing a torch. In recent years, a large number of LED lamps have come onto the market. Although they are a little more expensive than traditional lanterns, they allow the battery to be used for more hours at a time as they generate more light.

Some brands of head torches feature Advanced Focus System (AFS) technology, an advanced system that allows you to choose the type of focus, either centred on a point (ideal for long distance viewing) or out of focus (to increase the diameter of the circle of light).

The weight of the torch is something else to consider, since it affects the levels of resistance and effectiveness.

As for the batteries, some torches have non-rechargeable and others rechargeable batteries. Alkaline or NiMh batteries are not rechargeable and are not recommended for LED type head torches because they do not have enough power to provide the necessary strength. Rechargeable batteries are perfect for both LED lights and traditional ones, since they live longer without a high cost. Currently, we also find batteries with USB connector, which can be recharged from any device (mobile phone, computer, solar panel, car cigarette lighter charger, etc.).

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Petzl Swift RL Reactive Lighting Headlight Black 900 lm
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Led Lenser NEO10R Rechargeable Headlight 600 lm Black Green
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LED LENSER NEO10R Rechargeable Headlamp 600 lm Grey Blue
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