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Lurbel Distance Running Socks Black


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Lurbel Distance ergonomic high performance running socks with thermal feelcool technology. Made with an intelligent body perspiration fabric that gives the socks bactericidal properties, they are odourless and offer maximum breathability. They are developed to meet the most demanding requirements and studied for a very specific use in sports at high temperatures.

Manufactured with multichannel synthetic Indoor to quickly wick moisture away from the skin, Indoor of ionized polyamide with silver and elastomer, which forming the central fabric weave gives it great adaptability and antibacterial effect and polyamide Indoor for reinforcement in friction points.

The Lurbel Distance running socks are manufactured with Bmax technology - BICOMPONENT MEDICAL ACTIVE XTREME, which is an exclusive and innovative technology developed by LURBEL, based on Regenactiv technology and the innovative ESP system, an ergonomic structure with a protection system consisting of additional reinforcement in areas of greatest impact and wear. Bmax cool, a combination of Regenactiv and Cool-Tech, is especially recommended for intense physical activity at high temperatures, being extremely breatheable and helping the skin stay dry.

Lurbel Bmax technology properties:
- High antibacterial and antifungal properties
- Prevents irritation and overheating.
- Special care for skin erosions helping them to regenerate quicker
- Moisture wicking
- High breathability

The Lurbel Distance running socks have an ESP ergonomic structure with a protection system for greater friction reduction and greater cushioning at the most critical points of the tread: toe, heel and arch. They increase cushioning by between 25% and 40%. Highly adaptable and seamless.

Benefits of Lurbel ESP technology:
- Sole of the foot: the cushioning fabric reduces pressure on areas which take more load on the sole of the foot while walking and running, providing greater comfort and avoiding strain on specific areas. This reduces the pain in the sole of the foot as well as rubbing and blisters.
- Adaptability: the combination and superposition of fabrics with different degrees of elasticity in several areas of the sock provide a perfect fit avoiding discomfort from the sock slipping or the fabric rubbing.
- Toes: the anatomical shape of the sock around the toes avoids the superposition of those, leaving space for movement.
- Comfort: greater comfort for feet, while walking and running. The absence of inner seams prevents rubbing and blisters, improving user comfort.

Colour: Black
Sizes: S (35-38), M (39-42), L (43-46)
Height: H3 (6 cm above the shoe)
Weight: 48 g. (Size M)
Composition: 50% Regenactiv - 25% Cool-tech - 17% Polyamide - 8% Lycra
Reference: LU-00B1.100U-0000
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Quick Overview
"Socks with high performance bmax technology for athletics, with an ESP ergonomic protection system studied for maximum comfort, adaptability, breathability. They are seamless, with additional reinforcement in areas of greater impact and wear."
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Lurbel Distance Running Socks Black
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