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Do you want to know more about saddle bags?

Saddle bags for mountain and road bikes are essential for long cycles. On long cycles, problems can arise such as a flat tyre, for which we need cycling tools to solve the problem. Thanks to these saddle bags you can take what is necessary to repair the breakdown.

In cycling many things can happen to you that end up being a problem and that is why you have to be proactive in any situation, because you cannot stay lying in the middle of a mountain or road without being able to do anything.

Apart from the components of cycling to repair problems it is important to bring food and drink to restore the energy lost through pedalling. These foods can be carried in the pockets of your jersey or backpacks, but if you want you can also use a saddle bag to carry everything you need.

Saddle bags are very secure, they are firmly fixed to the bicycle saddle with Velcro or straps and have strong zips. This way you make sure that no matter what you put in the bag, it will withstand all kinds of bumps and turns. You can rest assured that what you carry inside the bag won’t fall out during the trip.

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