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Do you want to know more about saddles?

Bicycle saddles are, together with the pedals and handlebars, one of the main points of contact and support on a bicycle. This kind of seat is attached to the seat post; an aluminium or metal pole that connects the saddle to the bike frame. This aluminium or metal pole is adjustable and allows you to place the saddle at the height most suitable for the cyclist, as well as move it backwards or forwards to place it in the position that is most comfortable.

Choosing your saddle correctly is essential to avoid comfort problems or pain and irritation in the support areas. Today there are different types of saddles on the market, from which you can choose the most suitable for the weight and flexibility of each cyclist.

In general, we can distinguish between two kinds of saddles according to their shape:

  • Flat saddles allow the cyclist to have more freedom of movement both forward and backward. This type of saddle is very good for people with little flexibility in the hips, who usually keep their hips on top of the saddle in an upright position.
  • Curved saddles, unlike the previous ones, do not leave much room for movement on them. They require a more static position of the cyclist; whatever terrain is being ridden. Curved saddles are suitable for people with good flexibility in the hips and who usually keep their hips bent forward, with their back straight.

The variety of bicycle seats available is so wide that you can find models made of different materials. There are leather or plastic lined, which are appropriate for road cycling; the anatomical saddles that are designed to reduce the pressure in the pelvic area, and we can even find saddles made with gel on the inside, which are very comfortable, soft and adaptable to the shape of each person.

Opinions featured in Bicycle Saddles & Seat Posts

XLC City Everyday Saddle Black
Good value
Basic comfortable saddle
, the
Prologo Scratch M5 Tirox Seat Black
Pro logo scratch 5 saddle
Good experience after first ride with it. Will see how it goes
, the
Selle San Marco Regal Full-Fit Flat Saddle White Copper
Still my favorite
This has been my favorite saddle for a lot of years. I don't think they're being manufactured any more so it was great to find this.
, the
Saddle Brooks England Swift brown
Unsurpassed quality
Not only is the seat esthetically pleasing it is very comfortable. You'll hear people complain about how difficult it is to break the saddle in. Nonsense, I ride 9.5 miles a day and from the very first day, I felt no discomfort what so ever. One reason may be that I applied the include Proofide as instructed. One suggestion is to make sure that the seat is level when initially installed then adjust in small increments.
, the
Seat post with SR Suntour SP12 NCX 27.2 mm silver suspension
Excellent product!
Received item on time and well packed!
, the
Selle Royal Nut Black
Great product
Yes it was yes it's great and yes will recommend
, the
Selle saddle SMP TRK Medium light green
Great price
Amazing saddle and the most comfortable I've ever tried. No pain or discomfort even after hours of riding.
, the
Fizik Antares R3 Versus Evo Kium Large Saddle Black
Great product.
Good quality and competitive price.
, the
Saddle Brooks England Swift black
Classic style and quality
Nothing you can say about a Brooks saddle. It's just a Brooks. The name says it all. A cycling classic.
, the
Massi Profile 27.2 x 250mm Seat Post
Cheap and cheerful
It is was it says on the box. Cheap price, solid quality.
, the
Selle San Marco Rolls Full-Fit Flat Titanium Saddle Black Silver
Perfect seat for my Batavus
Excellent seat.
, the
PRO Aluminium Seat Post Clamp 34.9 mm Black
Great very good
Very good great
, the
Selle Italia SLR Kit Carbonio Superflow Saddle Black
Best price anywhere from deporvillage , that said this must be the perfect saddle , i am 82kg and 180 tall , have spent a lot of cash looking for the right saddle from fizik, fabric, prologo,even tried a short nack saddle and always around 20k on a ride i would be looking for relife , moving around to relive presure on the front , diddent make any difference wheter 3 degres down ,level ,forward or back ward nothing worked until the slr , to say i am happy would be an understatment,
, the
Selle Italia Sport S5 SuperFlow Saddle Black
Selle Italia Sport S5 Superflow Saddle
Defiantly well made, been trying to find suitable saddle for Tour de France training bike being a lady of stature aged over 70, the saddle that came with bike being like a knife was rather uncomfortable , my husband also agreed and didn't really use the bike much even though we like it enough is enough got to be used Selle saddles seem to be best in the World , have tried saddle and it is 100% improvement already ...what a relief.
, the
Saddle Brooks England Cambium C15 All Weather black
Comfy well made saddle
Well I’ve only done couple of 45miles+ rides so far and the saddle is very comfortable! Can’t comment on durability yet, but looks well made.
, the

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