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Bicycle saddles are, together with the pedals and handlebars, one of the main points of contact and support on a bicycle. This kind of seat is attached to the seat post; an aluminium or metal pole that connects the saddle to the bike frame. This aluminium or metal pole is adjustable and allows you to place the saddle at the height most suitable for the cyclist, as well as move it backwards or forwards to place it in the position that is most comfortable.

Choosing your saddle correctly is essential to avoid comfort problems or pain and irritation in the support areas. Today there are different types of saddles on the market, from which you can choose the most suitable for the weight and flexibility of each cyclist.

In general, we can distinguish between two kinds of saddles according to their shape:

  • Flat saddles allow the cyclist to have more freedom of movement both forward and backward. This type of saddle is very good for people with little flexibility in the hips, who usually keep their hips on top of the saddle in an upright position.
  • Curved saddles, unlike the previous ones, do not leave much room for movement on them. They require a more static position of the cyclist; whatever terrain is being ridden. Curved saddles are suitable for people with good flexibility in the hips and who usually keep their hips bent forward, with their back straight.

The variety of bicycle seats available is so wide that you can find models made of different materials. There are leather or plastic lined, which are appropriate for road cycling; the anatomical saddles that are designed to reduce the pressure in the pelvic area, and we can even find saddles made with gel on the inside, which are very comfortable, soft and adaptable to the shape of each person.

Opinions featured in Bicycle Saddles & Seat Posts

Selle SMP WELL S Gel Saddle Black
Very please
High quality, comfortable, best saddle I have used so far
Saddle Brooks England B17 Special dark brown
Totally Satisfied
As a restorer of classic bicycles I frequently have to replace missing or extremely damaged saddles. Deporvillage have always supplied the items I need at a sensible price and got them to the UK in a timely manner. Brooks saddles are very well made and well known to the cycling community and provide a nice finishing touch to a restored bicycle.
Saddle Brooks England Flyer honey
Great saddle
It nice to have a great saddle made with natural materials. It is heavier than other saddles but once it breaks in it is a great saddle.
Fox Racing Shox Transfer Performance Series Telescopic Seatpost Internal wiring
Feels responsive and solid
A great post
Selle Royal Ellipse Moderate Saddle Women
Exactly what I needed!
Excellent bike saddle, very comfy for my 60k plus each week
Saddle Brooks England Swift black
simply the best
great item well made real quality saddle and once broken in after 2-3 hundred miles it is armchair comfort
Saddle Brooks England B17 Standard dark brown
Lives up to the name.
Exactly as required A 50th birthday gift
Saddle Brooks England B17 Standard dark brown
Nice, a classic
Great item
Selle Royal Respiro Soft Relaxed Saddle
Unbeatable quality!
Highly recommended!
Ergon ST Core Prime Saddle Black
Outstanding product
Very high quality
Selle SMP WELL S Saddle White
Not as comfortable as I would have expected.
PRO Seat Post Clamp 34.9 mm Black
Nice clamp
Good quality and price. Just what i needed.
Saddle Brooks England Swift black
Quality saddle
A saddle for the deserning rider.
Fizik Luna X5 Regular Saddle Black Women
Fab does the job
High quantity easy to fit
Brooks England B67 Saddle Brown
Always wanted a Brooks Saddle
Always wanted a Brooks Saddle and I am not disappointed.

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