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Bicycle Saddles & Seat Posts

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Do you want to know more about saddles?

Bicycle saddles are, together with the pedals and handlebars, one of the main points of contact and support on a bicycle. This kind of seat is attached to the seat post; an aluminium or metal pole that connects the saddle to the bike frame. This aluminium or metal pole is adjustable and allows you to place the saddle at the height most suitable for the cyclist, as well as move it backwards or forwards to place it in the position that is most comfortable.

Choosing your saddle correctly is essential to avoid comfort problems or pain and irritation in the support areas. Today there are different types of saddles on the market, from which you can choose the most suitable for the weight and flexibility of each cyclist.

In general, we can distinguish between two kinds of saddles according to their shape:

  • Flat saddles allow the cyclist to have more freedom of movement both forward and backward. This type of saddle is very good for people with little flexibility in the hips, who usually keep their hips on top of the saddle in an upright position.
  • Curved saddles, unlike the previous ones, do not leave much room for movement on them. They require a more static position of the cyclist; whatever terrain is being ridden. Curved saddles are suitable for people with good flexibility in the hips and who usually keep their hips bent forward, with their back straight.

The variety of bicycle seats available is so wide that you can find models made of different materials. There are leather or plastic lined, which are appropriate for road cycling; the anatomical saddles that are designed to reduce the pressure in the pelvic area, and we can even find saddles made with gel on the inside, which are very comfortable, soft and adaptable to the shape of each person.

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Opinions featured in Bicycle Saddles & Seat Posts

Selle Italia Max SLR Gel SuperFlow L3 Saddle Black
Great quality
Good products
Ian, the 14 November 2019
Prologo Kappa EVO PAS T2.0 Saddle Matte Black
Good value
It has a pro feeling about it.. I have had much more expensive prologo saddles than this one but this is as good
Mads, the 11 November 2019
Saddle Selle SMP Extra red
Early days
Couple of rides definitely better than my previous saddle hopefully it will prove to be the answer
Phil, the 6 November 2019
Fox Factory Transfer Factory Series 30. 9mm Telescopic Seatpost
Simply the best!
This is defenately the absolute best dropper on the market
Michael, the 23 October 2019
Pro Koryak Telescopic Handle 27.2x70mm black
Wrong description.
It says total length 400mm. But it’s actually 450mm so it didn’t fit my bike. Blame shimano.
Aleksander, the 10 October 2019
Selle SMP Dynamic Saddle Black
$$$ but works
Quality seat. wish it was lighter but the carbon version is just too expensive. Do some research and find the right option. So far the seat has worked well with no numbness after several +80k rides.
Colin, the 7 October 2019
Saddle Selle SMP TRK Large blue
Selle SMP TRK.
Love the saddle, it's mile after mile of comfort. It's compliant while supportive and a massive improvement on its predecessor.
Alex, the 2 October 2019
Selle SMP Extra Saddle Blue
Great choice
I have used these saddles for years. The best for me
Patricia , the 28 September 2019
Selle SMP Extra Saddle Light Blue
Great choice
I have used these saddles for many years. The best for me!
Patricia , the 28 September 2019
Saddle Brooks England Team Pro Chrome black
Brooks Team Professional Saddle
This is the only type of saddle I have ever owned. 45 years of bicycling with this brand has never disappointed me.
Michael, the 26 September 2019
Saddle Selle SMP TRK Large yellow
Love the fit and the width is great
I had a similar Selle SMP TRK (black) and a bit narrower (I believe medium). This large yellow (almost gold) one is great and is a pleasure to ride on. My first use was for 50 miles (about 80 km) and when I finished, I did not even think about the seat. That is a compliment.
Stephen, the 18 July 2019
Saddle Brooks England B33 light brown
Brooks saddle
Very high quality
Jill, the 26 June 2019
Saddle Selle SMP TRK Large yellow
Beautiful Italian
Top quality craftsmanship, great looking, and comfortable seating. Highly recommended!
John, the 14 June 2019
Saddle Selle SMP TRK Large green Italy
Flawlessly Wonderful
Exceptional Italian quality saddle in Italy green! Comfortable saddle for daily use, and also looks amazing.
John, the 14 June 2019
Seatpost Easton EC90 carbon black
Great price
Perfect, size, fit, weight and finish
amigo, the 7 June 2019
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