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Triathlon Saddles & Seat Posts

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Do you want to know more about triathlon saddles and seatposts?

The saddles of the bicycles are one of the main points of contact and support on a bicycle thanks to the seatposts , piece of aluminum or metal that joins the saddle with the bicycle. Thanks to the seatposts we can also adjust the saddle to the most suitable height.

It is essential to make a good choice of the bicycle saddle so that we can avoid problems of comfort, pain and irritation in the support areas. Today we can find a wide variety of saddles in the market, which makes us choose the one that best suits our weight, flexibility and needs.

Mainly we can differentiate between two types of saddle models:

- Flat saddles Which allow the cyclist to obtain more freedom of movement. They are very suitable for people with little flexibility in the hips, who usually keep the hip on the saddle in an upright position.

- Curved saddles . They do not leave much room for movement over them. They are best suited for people with good hip flexibility, who tend to keep their hips tilted forward with a straight back.

The triathlon saddles are specifically for this activity, they consist of a very good lightness that allows the athlete to adapt to their race pace.

In our triathlon section you can find all the necessary accessories and textiles for your triathlon practices.

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