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Do you want to know more about snow safety?

Safety is a very important factor when it comes to skiing or outings in high mountains. We can count on different products that will help us in case of avalanche, and also with devices to find people in cases of loss.

For avalanches we have the probes, a tool that is mounted in different sections and that allows to mark the area and exact position of the avalanche victim, while reducing the search time. There are probes of different sizes between 240cm, which would be the most ideal, up to 320 which is indicated for the most professional. The probes are made of aluminum or copper, as they are robust yet lightweight materials; you have to keep in mind that it has to be easy to assemble.

The other essential system in case of rescue are those known as Arvas . These devices are emitters and receivers. Anyone who carries an Arva device, or similar, can issue or receive a signal in the event of an avalanche or snow accident. The wearing or not wearing this device can reduce the rescue time. We must bear in mind, that the Arva systems are not recommended to take them in the backpack, if not it is better to take them under our clothes, turn them on first thing in the morning when we go out to make our route and have them all the time occupy our activity. Many Arva devices have the RECCO system, a system that is also incorporated in some garments and equipment, which transmit signals in the event of an avalanche.

The blades are essential in our outputs. If we go in a group, it is important that each member wear one, as a precaution. There are shovels that are removable, which makes their transport more comfortable and light to be able to carry them inside the bag or backpack . It is not advisable to use plastic shovels, as they are prone to break easily in low temperature situations.

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