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Choosing the right shoes for outdoor activities is very important for your feet and body in general, as the terrain is uneven and the part that is most in contact with the ground should be protected. Outdoor sandals are recommended for flat routes and short distances, which are not too difficult and don’t require too much protection for your feet.

It is important to think about what you will be using them for before deciding on a model, especially to know the level of protection needed. Outdoor sandals are distinguished by how much of your feet they cover, and each type has been designed for different routes. Those that cover the entire foot are recommended for more difficult terrain, especially stony or wet routes, as they protect your feet more and are more comfortable. On the other hand, those that cover just part of the foot are ideal for outdoor activities or easy routes that have no obstacles and in good weather conditions.

It is also important to look at the features of each model and find the ones that best suit the needs of the user. Outdoor sandals are characterised by being highly breathable, lightweight and with a flexible sole, but they are not always made of the same material and their retention systems may vary. These factors are important to consider as they will affect the experience and comfort of the user.

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Keen Venice H2 Sandals Beet Red Neutral Grey Women
I have bought this product before, and always have a pair of Keen sandals, good for a variety of activities.
, the
Teva Omnium 2 Leather Sandals Brown
Tech quality is excellent
Great walking sandals
, the
Columbia KEA II Sandals Black Women
Great sandals
Perfect for using during long walking on holidays (or at home of course).
, the

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