Satellite Messengers

Do you want to know more about locators?

Locators work via satellite, with one of the most sophisticated and efficient technologies on the market that allows you to use twice as many satellite networks as a normal GPS device.

Locators are electronic devices that send and receive signals, through satellites, on the place where the device carrier is located. The GPS locator can send to the recipients that the user wants his positioning, and create a vital line of communication between family or friends or, in case of emergency, with personnel in charge of giving assistance.

For all those athletes who practice risky sports in mountain areas, or make bike routes or running on roads with risk of loss, it is very important that they carry a locator , or a walkie talkie , to be easily found or return to the road quickly. Being at all times located provides security to the athlete and allows him to practice his favorite sport without any concern.

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