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Do you want to know more about the blades, fins and tubes?

The paddles, fins and tubes are some of the most recommended supplements for swimming training. They allow to work some muscular zones and correct the position while swimming.

The swimming paddles are a perfect accessory for workouts. You can find them in different ways so that you work certain positions and exercises.

The fins allow to work the kick, providing resistance to tone and strengthen the muscles of the legs and ankles. There are several fin formats for the practice and perfection of different styles and intensities.

The tubes or snorkel allow swimmers to breathe without turning their heads. Thanks to the use of the tube, the swimmer can be better fixed in the technique, maintaining a natural and rhythmic breathing pattern thanks to the greater stability of the stroke. The tube is also a good option for swimmers with cervical problems. For the practice of swimming with a tube in the pool, the use of frontal tubes is recommended, and not lateral, so as not to obstruct the movements of the arm on the same side.

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