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Selle Italia's history is made of victories: dreamed, sought and achieved. For Selle Italia, the 115 years of activity milestone also tastes of victory, of industrial and sporting adventure lived every day with the same inexhaustible passion. Innovate or remain faithful to tradition? Both, since Selle Italia's tradition is to invent, constantly exploring new concepts, new manufacturing techniques and new materials. Selle Italia has been a pioneer in technological discoveries specifically studied for the anatomical structure of men and women. They have introduced the use of gel, reached levels of comfort and lightness unimaginable and established new rules for the aesthetics ofbicycle saddles . Selle Italia has transformed the saddle from a mere component of the bicycle into a factor of well-being for the cyclist, until turning it into an object of worship for professional athletes. Now, just like a hundred years ago, manual skill and technology, tradition and research are the outstanding points that make Selle Italia a Made in Italy emblem in the world.

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Selle Italia Smootape Gran Fondo Handlebar Tape White
The best on the market
This tape is easiest I have fitted to my bikes. It is supple , comfortable and there is extra length compared to any other.
Selle Italia Smootape Gran Fondo Handlebar Tape Red
The best on the market.
This tape is easiest I have fitted to my bikes. It is supple , comfortable and there is extra length compared to any other.
Selle Italia SLR Kit Carbonio Superflow Saddle Black
Best price anywhere from deporvillage , that said this must be the perfect saddle , i am 82kg and 180 tall , have spent a lot of cash looking for the right saddle from fizik, fabric, prologo,even tried a short nack saddle and always around 20k on a ride i would be looking for relife , moving around to relive presure on the front , diddent make any difference wheter 3 degres down ,level ,forward or back ward nothing worked until the slr , to say i am happy would be an understatment,
Selle Italia Sport S5 SuperFlow Saddle Black
Selle Italia Sport S5 Superflow Saddle
Defiantly well made, been trying to find suitable saddle for Tour de France training bike being a lady of stature aged over 70, the saddle that came with bike being like a knife was rather uncomfortable , my husband also agreed and didn't really use the bike much even though we like it enough is enough got to be used Selle saddles seem to be best in the World , have tried saddle and it is 100% improvement already ...what a relief.
Selle Italia SLR TM Superflow Saddle Black
Love this saddle.
High quality, meets my comfort and performance needs.
Selle Italia SLR Boost TM Superflow Saddle Black
Great quality product
High quality saddle, just the right fit for a comfortable women’s ride - it’s revolutionised my cycling and has given me greater comfort whilst riding long distance. Highly recommend this saddle for women riders.
Selle Italia Novus SuperFlow Endurance TM Saddle Black
Excellent product!
Great seat, nice to get off 2hour bike ride with no pain! Lol
Selle Italia SLR Boost Endurance Superflow Saddle Black
Selle Boost Endurance
High quality light weight saddle. Have tried many different types before, this saddle was spot on from the first ride. Have not gone over the hour yet but I have no fear that it will perform on long (100 mile) rides.
Selle Italia SP-01 Boost Kit Carbonio Superflow saddle black
Perfect saddle
Light, comfortable and good looking saddle
Selle Italia Max SLR Gel SuperFlow L3 Saddle Black
Great quality
Good products

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