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Selle San Marco GND Supercomfort Gel Open-Fit Wide Black Racing Saddle

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The Selle San Marco GND Supercomfort Gel Open-Fit Wide Racing saddle has been specifically developed by working on the components of the product that determine the comfort level of the saddle: padding, centre hole and cover. The central hole (Open-Shell) has been completely redesigned to find the meeting point between the maximum material discharge and the optimised structural resistance of the body. The design and ergonomics of GND have been devised to achieve the perfect combination between the discharge and support areas. The front is wider and smoother than the other saddles in the collection, resulting in greater comfort even when assuming aggressive positions (eg uphill). The features and design make the GND saddle especially suitable for the off-road world.

The Supercomfort version is suitable for these types of users:

- Who spend little time cycling. If, on average, the trip lasts no more than 2 hours, the use of a generous padding is preferred, in this case, the adaptation of the subcutaneous support tissues determined by pressure fails.
- Who spend a lot of time cycling. If saddle support lasts longer than 5-6 hours, thicker padding is required given the times involved when subcutaneous areas are subjected to pressure.
- For those who prefer difficult terrain and use Gravel Bike, the Supercomfort saddle enables it to better absorb vibrations caused by the instability of the terrain

- ID Match: L3
- Fitting: Waved
- Ergonomics: Wide
- Pedalling level: Racing
- Cover: Microfeel
- Structure: Reinforced Carbon Fibre
- Rail: Xsilite
- Weight: 215 g
- Dimensions: 145x262 mm

- Waved: the lateral profile of the contact surface has a wavy surface with a more than 5mm recess in the centre. It is suitable for people with an anteverted or retroverted pelvis. Anteversion is associated with a lumbar area with greater lordosis, i.e. more curved or extended. Retroversion is associated with a lumbar area with less lordosis, i.e., flatter or bent.

- Wide: when the width of the seat is greater than 140mm.

- Carbon Fibre Reinforced: High performance nylon, enhanced with a high percentage of carbon fibre, which improves the rigidity and durability without affecting the weight.

- Xsilite: it is a material with a high percentage of silicone with titanium and carbon particles. The rails are light and strong and resistant to all weather conditions. The process, using Stealth technology, guarantees superior resistance to fatigue.

- Microfeel: breathable lining with high resistance to abrasion. It is less susceptible to warping compared to traditional materials and is lighter.
Reference: MR-327LW001

Quick Overview

The San Marco is the perfect saddle for riders hoping to get the most out of themselves and their bikes.

Quick Overview

The San Marco is the perfect saddle for riders hoping to get the most out of themselves and their bikes.
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