Selle San Marco GrouND Supercomfort Open-Shell Dynamic Wide Saddle Black

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The Selle San Marco GrouND Supercomfort Open-Shell Dynamic Wide Saddle has been developed specifically for off-road use. The design and ergonomics of GND have been conceived to achieve the perfect combination between the unloading and support areas. The front is wider and softer than the other saddles in the collection, resulting in greater comfort even when taking aggressive positions (e.g. uphill). The features and design make the GND saddle particularly suitable for the off-road world. The saddle has an open body in its structure to allow pressure relief by combining a Full-Fit padding (without a hole) to prevent mud from soiling the shorts. Padding characterized by a double density to optimize the support areas (front and rear) completed by two 'shock absorber' inserts to reduce the vibrations generated by the off-road bottom and transmitted by the bike to the user.

- Rail: Manganese
- Body: Reinforced carbon fibre
- Padding: Biofoam
- Cover: Microfeel
- Dimensions: 262 x 145 mm
- Weight: 230 g
- Level: dynamic

The Supercomfort version has been specifically developed by working on the product components that determine the comfort level of the saddle: padding, central hole and cover.

- The filling in the Racing version, has the coupling between a layer of Biofoam and an additional layer of Gel. These are combined with variable thicknesses according to the support area to optimize the contact area with the ischiatic bones.
- The central hole ( Open-Shell ) has been completely redesigned to find the meeting point between the maximum discharge of material and the optimized structural resistance of the body. This particular design avoids crushing and therefore pain in the soft parts of the rider and is particularly suitable for the female audience as well.
- The cover used has a micro perforation to facilitate and keep the surfaces in contact with each other dry.
- GND was also covered with a double material: the resistant 'Microfeel' for the support areas and two 'woven' areas to ensure maximum resistance to abrasion and scratching in the side areas of the saddle.

The Supercomfort version is suitable for this type of user:

- Who spends little time on a bike. If, on average, the trip does not last more than 2 hours, the use of a generous filling is preferred, in which case the adaptation of the subcutaneous support tissues determined by the pressure fails.
- Who spends a lot of time on a bike. If the saddle support lasts longer than 5-6 hours, thicker padding is required given the times involved when subcutaneous areas are subject to pressure.
- For those who prefer difficult terrain and use Gravel Bike, the Supercomfort saddle allows you to better absorb vibrations caused by ground instability.

- Biofoam: Biodynamic structure that follows the movements of the pelvis during pedaling, ensuring comfort, low weight, durable strength and ideal support. The surface guarantees total repellency of the water filling.

- Reinforced Carbon Fiber: Nylon with high properties, enriched with a high percentage of long carbon fibers, to improve the characteristics of rigidity and durability without affecting the weight.

- Microfeel: Breathable lining with high abrasion resistance. Less deformable than traditional materials and lighter. Bio-compatible. Available today in some models with the new silk effect finish, Silk Microfeel.

- Manganese: This material improves the characteristics of the frame, increasing its resistance to wear caused by vibrations. The Manganese frame is mounted on all dynamic level saddles.
Reference: MR-326MW001

Quick Overview

The GND range is designed for road enthusiasts who like to pedal in comfort but without sacrificing the aggressive side of competition.

Quick Overview

The GND range is designed for road enthusiasts who like to pedal in comfort but without sacrificing the aggressive side of competition.
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