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Selle San Marco Junior Full-Fit Dynamic Saddle Black Red

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Selle San Marco Junior Dynamic Saddle.

- Fitting: Waved
- Ergonomics: 
- Pedaling level: Dynamic
- Cover: Microfeel
- Structure: Glass Fiber Reinforced
- Rail: Manganese
- Stuffing: Biofoam
- Weight: 204 g
- Dimensions: 250x134 mm

- Waved
The side profile of the contact surface has a wavy surface with a centre concavity of more than 5mm. It is suitable for people with an anteverted or retroverted pelvis. Anteversion is associated with a lumbar area with greater lordosis, i.e. more curved or extended. Retroversion is associated with a lumbar area with less lordosis, i.e. , flatter or bent.

When it does not have an opening (orifice) but has a continuous ergonomic surface along its entire length. Recommended for people with low pelvic rotation.

- Microfeel
Breathable coating with high abrasion resistance. It is less susceptible to deformation compared to traditional materials and is lighter.

- Glass Fiber Reinforced
A technopolymer with high physical and mechanical characteristics (rigidity, toughness, ductility) that enable it to withstand static and dynamic loads and ageing.

- Dynamic Manganese
This material improves the characteristics of the structure, increasing the resistance to wear caused by vibration. All Selle San Marco Dynamic saddles use manganese in their structure.

- Biofoam
Biodynamic structure that follows the movements of the pelvis when pedalling, for guaranteed comfort, lighter weight, long-lasting strength and ideal support. Its "closed cell" structure ensures that the filler is completely water repellent.
Reference: MR-278M100

Quick Overview

Specially recommended for the youngest cyclists thanks to its technical, ergonomic and design features.

Quick Overview

Specially recommended for the youngest cyclists thanks to its technical, ergonomic and design features.
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