Set of 4 Beurer electrodes

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The replacement set of 4 Beurer self-adhesive gel electrodes, size 5 x 10 cm, consists of four self-adhesive gel electrodes. For use with Beurer EM-49 / EM-80/ EM-41 / EM-40 electrostimulation devices. With the handy button, you can easily connect the electrodes to the device cables. Beurer electrostimulation devices are suitable for pain relieve treatment without medication and without side effects (using gel electrodes). At the same time, the devices also offer the option of gentle muscle regeneration (EMS) or intensive muscle training (TENS). For a moment of personal relaxation, you can also use the electrostimulation device for a relaxing massage.

- Set of 4 large electrodes for EM-40 / 41 / 49 / 80
- Size: 5.0 x 10.0 cm
- Self-adhesive gel electrodes
Reference: BR-661.01

Quick Overview

Replacement electrodes for Beurer electrostimulation devices.

Quick Overview

Replacement electrodes for Beurer electrostimulation devices.
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