Shimano XT M8100 Hydraulic Disc Brake Kit

The Shimano XT M8100 hydraulic disc brake kit includes the front brake lever with 1000 mm hose, the front brake lever with 1700 mm hose and brake callipers with pads. It's delivered without purging. Focusing on weight reduction and a braking power that is consistent with mountain biking, the lever provides intuitive modulation that allows the rider to explore his or her limits with confidence.

The Shimano Deore XT M8100 levers adapt a wide variety of technologies to ensure the safety of the rider:

- SERVOWAVE ACTION: When the lever is operated, the initial pad travel is faster, so only a slight lever movement is required to bring the pads into contact with the disc brake. The power multiplier factor then increases rapidly at the "pad/disc" contact point, so the lever travel is used to apply more braking power with greater control.
- Reach Adjust: The brake lever is equipped with a range adjustment mechanism. The distance between the handlebar grip and the lever can be adjusted to suit any size of hand or type of discipline, as well as the individual preferences of the rider.
- I-SPEC EV that offers a wider range of adjustments for cyclists of different styles, preferences and body styles to achieve an optimal position. This improves the firmness of the brake lever by moving the position of the brake clamp inwards to create an additional point of contact between the handlebars and the lever. This additional reinforcement significantly increases control of the bike and brake gear, while maintaining the space between the clamp and the support point for other handlebar accessories.
- Free Stroke: Allows you to adjust the distance from the lever's starting position to the pad's contact point to suit any hand size, type of cycling and individual rider preference.
The Shimano Deore XT M8100 calliper offers light brake operation and reliable power in all conditions.
The Shimano Deore XT M8100 adapts the ONE-WAY BLEEDING technology developed by Shimano for quick and easy prevention of air in the hydraulic system. The oil path in the system has been streamlined to avoid air bubbles in the system. The passing of oil in one direction plus a mineral oil funnel tool provides an easy and clean purge system.

Technical features:
- Connecting tube length: 1000 mm and 1700 mm
- Standard brake pads: G03A resin (without fin), G04S metal (without fin)
- Optional brake pads: J03A resin (with fin), J04C metal (with fin)
- Brake type: Hydraulic disc brake
- Lever size (finger): 2 fingers
- Compatible shift lever holder: I-SPEC EV
- Type of oil: Mineral
- Brake pin support: Brake pin axle
- Piston: 2
- Anti-loosening method: Elastic ring
- Clamp fixing bolt: 5 mm
- Coupling connection: Banjo
- Bracket type (available for IS bracket with adaptor) Seat post mounting type
- Brake lever recommended: BL-M8100
- Recommended brake calliper: BR-M8100, BR-M8120
- Recommended disc brake: RT-MT800
- Colour: Black
Reference: KITFRESHIXTM8100

Quick Overview

“It offers great braking power and reliability.”

Quick Overview

“It offers great braking power and reliability.”
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