The Shokz brand applies the patented technology of sound conduction through the bone in its products, which was initially developed for military operations, and later applied in sport for the manufacture of headphones and with Bluetooth, using a unique design and a price more affordable Thanks to the variety of audio technologies and its open and unique design, the headphones offer a Premium stereo sound, becoming an assurance of safety and unsurpassed comfort. Since its creation, this company has been committed to innovation in an unconventional way and always aware of the situation.

Shokz was founded in October 2011 in East Syracuse, New York. A year later, she was named winner of the Innovation Awards by Wall Street Journal Technology, in the electronics category. In 2012, it was also awarded with two CES Innovation Awards, thanks to the presentation of the Sportz M2 products, and its long-awaited wireless version, Bluez. After the multitude of achievements and awards, in 2014 the technology of sound conduction through bone was presented, where Shokz played a key role.

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