Sidi Shot Air Shoes Black Grey

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Sidi Shot Air Shoes Black Grey
Sidi Shot Air road shoes stand out for their breathability and comfort. To complete their features, the shoes also have a central locking system"Double Tecno-3 Push" that closes both sides symmetrically to improve the footwear and have a Vent Carbon sole that guarantees lightness, rigidity and breathability in all conditions.

- Vent Carbon Sole
Sidi has further reduced the weight of the Vent Carbon sole, which now includes an ultra-light heel pad and toe vent. The key benefits of the Vent Carbon Sole are not only superior power transfer, because of its light weight and rigidity, but also warm weather comfort. The Vent Carbon Sole is designed with an integrated vent and air channels for heat evacuation and air flow. The air circulates around the channels until it escapes through the exits in the central part of the shoe. It’s worth noting that the toe vent can be opened and closed as needed for maximum comfort in all seasons. The Vent Carbon sole has been handmade with braided carbon fibre to maximise rigidity while allowing for a small degree of controlled flexibility in the toe area. This carefully designed flex biomechanically relieves stress at the base of the tendon and helps promote circulation. The Vent Carbon sole has a printed 10mm lateral and fore/aft cleat alignment scale as well as the Look Memory Eyelet for easy cleat alignment and replacement.
The Vent Carbon sole has a replaceable polyurethane heel pad and toe cap. During a triathlon, the toe vent works as a drain, which significantly increases comfort for the feet after coming out of the water.

- Double Techno-3 Push
The new Sidi Double Techno-3 Push system provides a symmetrical close of the shoe for even more comfort. The famous Sidi closures, made from durable materials allow easy adjustment while you pedal and are adjustable and replaceable.

- Adjustable Heel Retention Device
The adjustable heel retention device reinforces the top of the heel cup and improves fit via a closing system on the back of the shoe around the cyclist’s ankle. The heel retention device tightens the top of the heel cup to prevent slipping on steep climbs or sprints. Can be adjusted with two small screws that function independently. For a personalised fit, turn towards the + to close the heel retention device and towards the - to open it.

- Sidi heel
Reinforced heel that keeps the foot in place and stops the shoe from losing its shape under extreme use or prolonged pressure.

- Replaceable cleat
The Sidi cycling shoes come with a replaceable polyurethane cleat in the heel area.
Reference: SI-692520-C

Quick Overview

Sidi Shot Air road shoes stand out for their breathability and comfort.

Quick Overview

Sidi Shot Air road shoes stand out for their breathability and comfort.
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