It was in 1933 when Silva had the wit to invent the first liquid-based compass with a flat base. Instrument much more precise and easy to manipulate than the rest of compasses to use with map available at that time. That was when the Silva brand was born, becoming a benchmark in the world of guidance.

In the same period, Silva created the first known headlamp that allowed many enthusiasts of the world of outdoor and orientation that night was not an impediment in achieving their adventures.

Until today, Silva continues to be the reference in the world of outdoor and guidance by the precision and functionality of their compasses and the reliability of their headlamps.

A clear example of this experience is the Intelligent Light concept that incorporates the most technical models of its headlamps. In addition to the power of lighting, the brand emphasizes that the way in which the focus manages and distributes light is also important. The result: peripheral lighting and great depth at the same time, without annoying shadows, which allows us to gain more speed and reflexes when running, reduces eyestrain and unnecessary head movements.

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Silva EX30 Pedometer Black
Very good, and I like it
I Don’t understundom.....
Lars, the 21 January 2020
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